Career growth principles
We aspire to be a context that brings out the best in everyone, suited to personal dreams and ambitions. The text here below describes the professional growth steps we identify and the underlying principles.
(Last updated at 14/12/2021)
Every person and every personality is different. Therefore we want to tailor your career steps to your talents. At the same time we need to find common denominators to streamline salaries and expectations across our team. This document highlights our professional evolution principles and it can serve as a conversation starter for our semi-yearly review meetings.
Our delivery values
We expect all Panenco teammates to act according to our core delivery values where product success is our north star.
We think ahead!
You anticipate on future scenarios and communicate properly
We aspire excellence!
You care deeply about your domain and high-level quality standards
We take pride in delivery!
You don't wait for instructions, you have a natural tendency for action
We want our people to excel in their domain (chapter) while being outstanding team players who value and appreciate their peers, communicate properly and make sure our product portfolio is progressing.

This file is built up with the whole career trajectory in mind from entry level all the way up to domain and operational mastery.

At Panenco we organise two review moments per year (1 in January and 1 in July). There is one salary review moment:

- Ukrainian team: January
- Belgian team: July
- Portuguese team: July

An additional review can only be granted in exceptional circumstances. The review meeting will be attended by:

  • Your chapter lead
  • Your product manager
  • Leadership
  • Other key people

The ambition is to have an open, constructive conversation about the road we're travelling together and to receive input from your peers on how you can keep advancing yourself, your skills and your career.

Feedback about this process will always be appreciated. Just like our product portfolio we want to continuously raise the quality bar in everything we produce.
Product management
The glue that binds the product delivery efforts together. You make sure the team is moving in the right direction and that the product steadily evolves towards product-market-fit.

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Product manager
First real-life experience in the product management field
(To be completed / reviewed)
As a product management trainee you are expected to observe and learn. You will not be given full product responsibility yet, but you'll be involved in specific functional or technical analysis tasks. You will follow along with other teammates in their day to day activities and you'll actively ask where you can be of help.

You should start to grasp our product terminology and instruments while getting very familiar with our operating model.
Guided delivery
You take matters into your own hands with guidance from fellow teammates
(To be completed / reviewed)
You will get either the full responsibility over small product initiatives or partial responsibility over a larger product initiative. There will always be backing from a more experienced person in your surroundings. You steadily learn to:

- Operate our delivery model (planning, standups, roadmaps, demos/retros, ...)
- Interact with cross-functional teams (growth, design, software, data, ...)
- Bridge possible functional gaps between wireframes, design reviews and end-user validation
- Expose a product to end users by means of our growth principles
- Get an understanding of the various dimensions that are on the radar of a product manager
Autonomous delivery
You can conceptualise and execute independently
(To be completed / reviewed)
You have a tight grip on the various dimensions in a product manager's scope. You are able to determine product objectives, build roadmaps, set milestones, motivate a team, organise customer success operations, ...
You can go the full distance from the initial product definition towards product-market-fit. You understand the fact that this process takes time and thoroughness. You can coach different chapters on quality standards that we wish to attain.
Leading delivery
You take ownership over fellow product managers
(To be completed / reviewed)
You can mentor other product managers and easily switch contexts between multiple products (even ones that are not under your active management).
You serve as a source of inspiration for next steps to take when other teammates are seeking inspiration.
Inspirational delivery
You excel in your domain and act as a thought leader
(To be completed / reviewed)
You're a thought leader in your domain, giving presentations, webinars, creating proposals, ..
Product design
A talented team that works transversally across the entire product development spectrum, from the product definition towards operations at scale.

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Product designer
Marketing designer
First professional experience in the product design sphere
Operational setting for our trainees: you become part of a specific product team where you aim to get a clear understanding of the product positioning and feature set. You will be gaining your first hands-on experience with Figma, working on designs based on predefined functional descriptions, both in low- and high-fidelity.

We expect you over time to grasp our operational methodology, file structure and design system structure.

Step by step you will be guided through existing designs and you will get a chance to audit our portfolio products. You're expected to assess those critically and make suggestions for improvements. Throughout this learning process you will be guided explicitly by two people (alongside your other teammates):

  • Product manager: functional questions and overall product direction
  • Design chapter lead: safeguarding methodology and structure
Guided delivery
You grow into your role with active guidance from others
Operationally: you are part of a specific product team where you can demonstrate that you understand the product positioning, users, persona's and overall objectives. You mostly work on known product problems but you'll steadily get a chance to perform research. You can organise file structures and design-technical skills in Figma or other prototyping tools. You actively follow courses through channels such as Projector or similar educational offerings.

Technically: you can design new features based on a written functional description or verbal objective. You'll always be able to count on the assistance of the product manager and your design chapter lead (alongside your other teammates).

You learn to operate in a cross-functional setting. We distinguish 2 sublevels:

  1. Reviews required: it's required to have a component-level review of your delivered work. You should proactively ask for help or feedback from the proper people on a regular basis.

  2. Reviews desired: you can work fairly autonomously but it is desired to still have periodic reviews of your delivered work, either on a functional or design-technical level.
Autonomous delivery
You can demonstrate a great deal of independence in your day to day activities
You can demonstrate a great deal of independence, both on a functional and design-technical dimension. Your work is driven by proactive user research and product analytics. You have the ability to map insights into product design adjustments without a previous functional assessment by the product manager. Yet at the same time you still manage to align all stakeholders around the decisions being made. You widen your horizons to look at the broader user/customer journey, including marketing aspects and customer success.

  1. Technical maturity: you can autonomously perform research and implement given product objectives without an explicit need for reviews.

  2. Functional maturity : based on your research, you can proactively suggest new features, contribute to the product roadmap and materialise the findings in clickable prototypes.
Leading delivery
You inspire others
You are mature in the product design domain and you can transfer knowledge, methodology and hard skills to others. You understand the career and skill development process of a product designer and you can serve as a mentor to others. You can deal with great complexity and still find a structured way towards correct results.

  1. Reviewing others: you can perform detailed assessments of the performed work of more junior teammates and you formalise feedback to be processed in a constructive manner.

  2. Mentoring others: you serve as a career mentor and general source of input to get the best out of the potential of your teammates.
Inspirational delivery
Domain mastery
You excel in your domain, lead by example, give presentations, host webinars, recruit the brightest talents, … A point of mastery throughout your career. The next steps will be tailor made based on your personal preferences.
Software engineering
Making many product dreams become a reality by turning product objectives into functioning software.

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Front-end development
Back-end development
First working experience in the web development sphere
You will become part of an existing product team early on where you will receive specific tasks from the product manager or experienced teammates. The main objective is to facilitate a rapid learning path. You should quickly get familiar with our operational habits and with the technical project setup. The main evaluation criteria will be your learning pace (ability to absorb and retain new information). The whole team will always be at your disposal to help out where needed, so please don't hesitate to ask questions and involve others.
Guided delivery
Gaining valuable hands-on experience with team guidance
You are ready to work on specific features under guidance of other teammates. You don't blindly implement but you aspire a deeper understanding of the technology base and our specific project setup. You actively ask questions to your peers and you remain highly focused on rapid growth in skills. You participate in the entire operational model from the sprint planning and daily standups onto the sprint demo and retrospective. You speak up and become a constructive part in making product progress.

  1. Reviews required: you are able to contribute to the product development process with active guidance and code reviews from teammates.

  2. Reviews desired: you proactively ask your teammates for code reviews and the learnings that come with them.
Autonomous delivery
Qualitative software delivery in a fairly independent manner
You attain a good level of autonomy in your day to day software delivery activities. You grasp the principles of qualitative product development in all of its aspects including testing, CI/CD, infrastructure aspects and data/API structures.

  1. Technical maturity: you can confidently take up technical challenges where you can independently define and deliver the necessary steps from problem statement to technical resolution. You can weigh in on key technical decisions where you stand your ground and make your case clearly. You fundamentally understand that outstanding technical delivery is about more than clean coding.

  2. Operational maturity: you can take up direct calls with key stakeholders when needed where you can explain your point of view clearly and with the necessary substance. You are an example throughout the operating model in the planning sessions, daily standups and demo/retrospectives.
Leading delivery
You coach and inspire your teammates
You take ownership over fellow teammates: about their career trajectory and quality of delivered work. You serve as a mentor to others. You continuously improve the methodology and setup we are working with.

  1. Reviewing others: you do code reviews for teammates and give operational steering and guidance

  2. Mentoring others: you actively mentor teammates with separate calls and coaching sessions to make them live up to their full potential
Inspirational delivery
Domain mastery
You excel in your domain, lead by example, give presentations, host webinars, recruit the brightest talents, … A point of mastery throughout your career. The next steps will be tailor made based on your personal preferences.
Growth marketing
You facilitate the go-to-market process, brand building and overall communication process for our product portfolio.

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Growth marketeer
Your first professional experience in the growth marketing domain
Coming soon
Guided delivery
You work under explicit instructions from your teammates
Coming soon
Autonomous delivery
You're able to set your own agenda and take ownership over growth metrics
Coming soon
Leading delivery
You can inspire and review fellow teammates
Coming soon
Inspirational delivery
You have domain authority and serve as a thought leader
Coming soon
Closing statement

The text here above is to be seen as a starting point for further conversation. We believe in people and playing to everyone's strengths. We knowingly want to stay away from a hierarchical model, but we do want to describe desired behaviours. The real heroes on the Panenco journey are the people who create, conceptualise, build, deploy, ... We hope this document provides some guidance into the career principles we stand for and we will be happy to engage concerning your specific career desires.


In case of questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to