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Giving every child a complementary online learning experience by stimulating their talents and compensating gaps.
We partnered with the Eureka school in Leuven to translate their 30+ years of educational industry experience into an adaptive, non-linear digital learning platform for children using machine learning to determine optimal education paths.

We closely involve the main actors throughout the child's education: parents, teachers, coaches and speech therapists.

Rather than starting from a predefined set of learning objectives, CleverKids adapts to the actual abilities of the child. We steer into their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

Product definition

Unifying product perspectives
We looked at the CleverKids mission statement from 3 angles
We're bringing all actors in a child's learning trajectory together on a single platform, including the parents, coaches, teachers, speech therapists and others. Children - with or without learning disorders - are and always will be at the very center, with an adapted user experience tailored to their needs.
Our primary objective is to help a broad range of children with their educational path. We are defining a low-entry business model to which all actors in the educational pathway can subscribe.
CleverKids is setup as a SaaS product on top of Google Cloud infrastructure. Panenco manages a dedicated team and orchestrates the software delivery process to continuously define, design and develop user stories that turn into shippable product increments.
We set up a product development team alongside a strong product owner from Eureka. We defined a clear roadmap with intermediate milestones and we meticulously executed on the software delivery operations.

CleverKids is built on top of Google Cloud Platform which proved to be flexible infrastructure. We chose a combination of Node.js as the back-end programming language with React.js as the front-end library.

Automated pipelines were set up with a high test coverage to be able to process frequent releases.

Product development

30 years of hands-on experience in classrooms mapped into a digital platform
Eureka was founded
by Anny Cooreman and Hedwig van den Bosch
Eureka was founded in 1990 by Anny Cooreman and Hedwig van den Bosch as an institution that guides gifted children with learning difficulties towards the Belgian examination commission. By 1996, they were formally recognised as a school, yet operating without government subsidies.
Didactic research on online eduction
Focused on children aged 6 to 14
Assessment of existing solutions and their underlying methodologies with an initial focus on math.
Partnerships with research institutions were formalised.
    Eureka partners with Panenco
    For the entire product development trajectory
    Following many ideation and formalisation sessions, Eureka chose Panenco as the end-to-end product development partner for the CleverKids platform.
    CleverKids minimum viable product released
    Building an initial product version based on the assumptions from the product definition.
    The first users were onboarded in a controlled. environment at the Eureka school, and the behaviour of the children while interacting with the software was observed. Slowly but steadily this environment was opened up to a broader audience.
    Beta version released
    CleverKids beta phase opened up to a broader audience to collect feedback.
    • Putting the right measurement instruments in place to keep a constant finger on the pulse concerning the learning intensity and effectiveness.
    • Engaging with parents, teachers and other stakeholders to collect feedback
    • Operationally organised for growth
    CleverKids official LAUNCH 🚀
    The start of the new school year 2021-2022 marked the official launch
    • Actively onboarding new users
    • Streamlining the communication efforts
    • Collecting user feedback and providing the necessary support
    • Organising and optimising the billing process to materialise the business model
    • Continuous software delivery to keep providing children with a better learning experience
    As CleverKids is actively going to market, we're setting up the customer success activities, billing mechanism, legal operations and more to give the product every fighting chance to move towards product-market-fit.

    Product growth

    Eureka + Panenco partnership
    Making the CleverKids dream become a reality.
    Lucas Hermans
    Eureka Expert // Product owner
    Anny Cooreman
    Eureka Expert // Managing director
    Koen Verschooten
    Panenco // Product manager
    Sebastiaan Viaene
    Panenco // Back-end lead
    Nicolas Desmedt
    Panenco // Software engineer
    Artem Kaliahin
    Panenco // Software engineer
    Max Karpenko
    Panenco // Software engineer
    Oleksandr Kanskiy
    Panenco // Product design lead
    Thomas Beuckelaers
    Panenco // Growth lead
    Olesia Dzyk
    Panenco // Product designer