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The product studio model.
How we work
We love to combine deep industry expertise with our proven product delivery methodology and embark on ambitious missions.

Deeper into the agile movement is a cultural shift where software delivery is considered to be the beating heart of the company as a whole, with user engagement as the north star.
Trust the process.
We identify and research the core problem statement and define a unique value proposition.
By exposing the value proposition to prospect users we validate our early assumptions.
We assess market size and commercial potential in an effort to build up sustainable revenue.
Product definition
Build the product storyline and strategy touching on the feature set, partnerships, business model, commercial model and more.
Functional analysis
Conceptualising the precise future feature set and translating it into the proper documentation.
User experience
Our product designers turn the functional analysis into detailed clickable prototypes for all user touchpoints.
Technical design needs for the product: touching on infrastructure, hosting, security, data modelling and more.
The fine art of defining intermediately shippable milestones in order to validate the essentials before building the nice-to-haves.
Product development
With a small but effective team, we steer the definition phase into an initial product version.
Product design
We use clickable visual prototypes as the single source of truth for the desired user-facing features.
Front-end engineering
Implementation of the user interface of our web applications. Making the most of a modern Typescript based technology stack.
Back-end engineering
Turning user stories and defined business logic into high-performing APIs on top of the chosen infrastructure: build and run!
Setting up the proper data structures and pipelines to make application data insightful and actionable.
In a continuous pursuit for product market fit.
Growth marketing
Setting up a marketing funnel to identify, target and convert prospect users.
Customer success
We work towards a frictionless user onboarding and customer experience.
Product operations
Finance, legal, funding, security and communications. We know how to operate a product and support in all aspects.