We want to provide longer term support throughout the product's evolution. This document serves as the SLA framework.
Support Policy
(Last updated at 07/09/2021)
1. Scope of application
Who are we?
Panenco BV, with registered office at 3001 LEUVEN, Kapeldreef 60 and with company number 0650.747.066 (hereinafter referred to as 'we', 'us' or 'Provider'). You can contact us via the following contact details: info@panenco.com

What is the purpose of these terms?
Panenco's software development services cover the full range from the product definition, development and longer term growth spectrum with dedicated product teams. When we're not in an active development phase, we want to foresee the necessary guarantees to keep all the products in our portfolio operational. Therefore the principles from this Support Policy will hold when they are complemented by written agreements via email.
2. Subject of the agreement
The subject of this agreement is twofold:

  • Incident Management: This process is focused on returning the performance of the product (developed by Panenco) back to normal as quickly as possible, defined as reactive. Panenco will provide ongoing incident management for all products that are integrally under its management. This incident management service will ensure that issues which are detected, will be taken up in a timely manner.

  • Maintenance and Support: Panenco will provide ongoing, proactive maintenance and technical support for all products that are integrally under its management. These maintenance and support services will ensure that the delivered software continues to run smoothly and that there is a framework in place to take up issues with any of the products.

Both of these services will start as soon as the necessary agreements have been formalised via email between the parties.
3. Incident management
Service window and Service levels

Panenco offers an incident management service window from Monday to Friday from 9AM until 6PM.
The SLA targets are defined in the number of working hours and / or working days, which means that they are calculated in function of the agreed service window, excluding Belgian public holidays.

Incident classification

The priority is determined after first-line assessment by the client and defines the relative importance of an incident and is based on impact and urgency. It is used to identify required times for actions to be taken (SLA targets). Priority description:

  • P1 - Major incident: a critical incident that corresponds to an abnormality causing a service failure or severe degradation. It concerns a blocking issue without a workaround. The incident results in the fact that normal business operations are interrupted.
  • P2 – High: a severe incident causing a partial service failure or mild degradation. The incident reduces the performance of the environment substantially and / or restricts the customer in the use of the environment.
  • P3 - Medium: minor degradation of system/service for some users or major degradation for a single user.
  • P4 - Low: any other incident with lower impact and urgency. No considerable reduction in the quality of the service.


Incidents with the highest priority (ref. P1 - Major incidents) must always be done via email to support@panenco.com followed by a phone call to the responsible product manager or the general company number that is listed on the website. Reporting incidents P2, P3, P4, can be done by email to support@panenco.com.

Provider will keep track of incidents in the appropriate joint tooling, i.e. Asana, Trello, Jira, Miro, and other similar tools. Communication will happen either via the jointly recognised channels (email, slack, other).

The Provider will offer below service levels for incident handling of the Product.

  • P1: Biweekly target (90%), Response SLA (2 hours), Resolution SLA (8 hours)
  • P2: Biweekly target (90%), Response SLA (4 hours), Resolution SLA (24 hours)
  • P3: Biweekly target (90%), Response SLA (6 hours), Resolution SLA (40 hours)
  • P4: Biweekly target (90%), Response SLA (8 hours), Resolution SLA (120 hours or bespoke via email)
Resolution time starts after mutual agreement that the bug is caused by software (and not by e.g. client infrastructure).

The Provider will report on a biweekly basis the hours spent on the different service levels and if targets were met. When excessing the resolution time of P1 and P2 priority incidents within an invoicing period for a second (or more) time, a credit of 25% of the amount invoiced for that sprint will be granted for each time the resolution time would not have been met.
4. Maintenance and support
Related services
As part of the maintenance and support services, Panenco ensures to provide the following services:

  • Periodic maintenance on the delivered software on request of the client
    • Third party package (security) updates & fixes for major versions incompatibilities
    • Server software maintenance (OS updates)
  • Only upon client request and in specific cases, Panenco will ensure continuous (automated) compatibility validation with the latest two major versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox and the two latest major versions of iOS and Android.

Change request management
If the client would like to engage with Panenco to perform changes or add additional features to the product, Panenco engages itself to formulate a response to the client within ten (10) working days after the client has filed a change or feature request.

Maintenance notifications
When there are changes on production or other maintenance, the provider will notify the client 72h in advance. Bug fixing will be done directly as a hotfix.
5. Fees
The fees for the delivered support will depend on the priority level (P1, P2, P3, P4) and will be agreed upon in writing via confirmed email correspondence.

The delivered will be documented in biweekly arrears. The client has 10 working days to approve or challenge the support report. In case of no correspondence, the report will automatically be deemed accepted.

The invoice will be created based on the bespoke rates and the approved support reports.

    This Support Policy may be amended from time to time. Therefore, we invite you to consult the latest version of this policy on our website as the single source of truth.

    Do you have any further questions?

    Please feel free to contact us via email: info@panenco.com.