Strategy chapter lead

About Panenco

We're a team of 35+ people that cares deeply about digital product excellence. We turn ambitious ideas into scalable products, in close cooperation and transparency with our partners and clients.

We manage a portfolio of products in a broad range of industries. For a sneak peek at our portfolio we kindly refer to the home page of this website.

What drives us is described in this blogpost: product excellence is a winning strategy.

Product value delivery is at the heart of everything we do. How we operate on a day-to-day basis is described here: an operating model that reflects the day to day realities of software delivery.

About our product strategy position:

You continuously critically assess our product portfolio on 3 dimensions:

  • Users: are we building something valuable for end users? Are they enjoying our feature set and overall user experience?
  • Business: are we chasing the right business model in our target market? What are competitors doing? Is our pricing fit for growth?
  • Technology: what will be the product roadmap in the next 6 months? Do we have the right teams in motion to deliver on our ambitions?

Do you identify with the following job specifics?

  • You fundamentally grasp the product development roadmap from minimum viable product development onto product market fit 
  • You're comfortable on the verge of business development, strategic consultancy and product management
  • You love to operate under uncertainty and bring structure to unstructured environments
  • You continue to ask questions until everything 'clicks'