Internship program 2021

About Panenco

We're a team of 35+ people that cares deeply about digital product excellence. We turn ambitious ideas into scalable products, in close cooperation and transparency with our partners and clients.

We manage a portfolio of products in a broad range of industries. For a sneak peek at our portfolio we kindly refer to the home page of this website.

What drives us is described in this blogpost: product excellence is a winning strategy.

Product value delivery is at the heart of everything we do. How we operate on a day-to-day basis is described here: an operating model that reflects the day-to-day realities of software delivery.

About our internship program

We would love to share our experience with a motivated team of interns, working holistically on product development trajectories, covering all technical and operational dimensions. We're open to new ideas and initiatives from your side either within specific technical domains (chapters) or at a product level. Here below we're giving an overview of the internship opportunities within 3 key chapters.

Growth chapter:

Our growth team has a laser-sharp end user focus across our entire product portfolio.
We're looking for entrepreneurial business engineering students with a marketing and communications affinity.

Our related vacancies:

Web engineering chapter:

We're working with modern web technologies such as Node.js and React.js. Both on front-end and back-end side we're using Typescript. The whole team is keen on continuous improvement of our setup, best practices and clean coding in general.

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Data engineering chapter:

We're currently building a 'data chapter' within our company. This domain covers multiple dimensions:
  • BI / reporting (Looker, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Tableau)
  • Data engineering (Platform specific - GCP / AWS / Azure)
  • Data science (Technology specific - R, Python)
  • Artificial intelligence (API driven - we aspire to use AI to create product value)

Our related vacancies:

Most of our initiatives in this direction are still in the proof of concept phase. This has a logical advantage: there's plenty of room to experiment with advanced technologies of choice in a concrete product setting.

Character traits we're looking for:

At the core, we're looking for entrepreneurial product enthousiasts. People who like to be part of a growing context in which the answer to the craziest idea will be 'yes'. Our product managers will make sure to funnel all energy in the direction of actionable product value.

Get in touch:
Please write an email to to get in touch and discuss a possible cooperation.