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We shape, build & grow digital products from the ground up, with the future in mind.
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Create a path, leave a mark
Shape and validate core product assumptions. Deduct a strategy and interface design. Settle on a product/solution definition and the essential features for the minimum viable product.
Build an initial product version with scale and flexibility in mind. Place the product in the hands of end-users as early as possible throughout the process. Learn, adapt and keep iterating towards product-market fit.
Connect the digital dots
Organise the scale-up operations: provide a frictionless onboarding experience, setup a support model, take care of administrative automation, legal documentation, etc. Power up for scale.
Our true north is growth
We solve problems that matter.

Since 2014 we've been defining winning product strategies & meticulously realising big ideas into scalable SaaS products.

Our records show...
Digital assistance for children with learning disabilities aged 6 to 18. Through an advanced didactic learning flow, children with (severe) learning disabilities will get the online care and assistance that's required for their specific condition. The types of learning disabilities can include dyslexia, attention deficit, short- or longterm memory problems, dyscalculia, and other types of conditions. The product is currently in minimum viable stage and we're actively collecting feedback to reiterate towards a perfect fit for all actors on the platform: teachers, parents and children.
A web and mobile application, built with React and React Native that processes and visualises IoT sensor data in the field of livestock farming (pigs). Based on multiple sensor data inputs - sound, temperature and humidity - a predictive model can detect potential diseases early on and monitor its spread-out through farms continuously. Through constant monitoring and pro-active alerts, tremendous cost savings can be achieved. The product is maturing and currently getting traction globally.
A digital procurement product that assists buyers and suppliers in their day-to-day operations. Procurement is the process of finding, agreeing terms and acquiring goods, services or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding process. The platform offers an online interface to manage the entire workflow for mid-to-large organisations. Buyers can create an RFV (Request for Value) or an RFQ (Request for Quote) and can publish those requests to their network of suppliers. Within defined time spans, the suppliers can enter their proposals in their own interface. The platform automatically generates reports and insights along various dimensions.
E-Luminati is a digital marketplace for purchasing energy in a B2B context. The platform allows SME and large organisations to order various types of energy across their different legal entities. The energy market in Belgium is being liberated and E-Luminati is in pole position to take a leading role in this space. The current version of the application is in minimum viable product stage and is actively being validated by corporates and government bodies. We've been involved from the very beginning at the conceptualisation stage, followed by a challenging product design stage and an exciting implementation trajectory. We're implementing B2C principles in a complex B2B environment.
The business world is making a shift towards new organisational forms with autonomous, self-steering teams at the center stage. Inspired by the principles of agile, holacracy and sociocracy, we created an online platform focused on feedback facilitation in support of personal development programs, with the individual (not the organisation) in the driver seat. The application is now in minimum viable product stage and is maturing based on the feedback from early adopters.
On a mission to find undiscovered taste connections in the food chain. Ester currently focuses on the delicious world of (craft) beers and people's taste experiences. By analysing contextual as well as sensory aspects, new patterns can be discovered. We're building the back-end infrastructure based on Google Cloud platform, we're assisting with the implementation of recommender systems (machine learning), and we're creating a user interface that's in line with the chosen brandbook. The business model will be B2B oriented and charge on a per-usage basis: API-as-a-service.
Mustr is an end-to-end marketing & communications platform targeted at PR agencies to manage their relationships with stakeholders: journalists, bloggers, influencers, customers, etc. Through an intuitive interface, you can manage and filter contacts, set up campaigns and receive insights from the campaign analytics. We conceptualised and built Mustr from the ground up in partnership with Finn. We continue to build and run the application while maturing and scaling up.
myShortlist is an online platform tool to help young potentials to find their perfect career path. The tool will assist youngsters to find jobs that actually match their personality in environments that match their desired corporate culture. Through a series of questionnaires and personal reflections, the application builds a personal mindmap with key findings and related advice.
The application was built with Node and React, and it interfaces with a number of existing tools that automate (growth) marketing activities. myShortlist's mission is to help all youngsters across Europe find a better match with a corporate context they truly belong in.
A tailor-made inventory and sales management system in support of steel trading activities. Directly plugging into Exact Online and other existing services, this application binds all stock and sales information together in one interface, facilitating a significantly more efficient sales process. We started from a thorough business understanding of the problem at hand, and an in-depth exploration of the way Exact Online was used within the company. Followed by a number of design sprints, and an effective 6 months development trajectory.
A SaaS product focused on the psychotherapy industry. We bring all actors together onto a single platform: the caregiver (therapist), the organisations (hospitals or group practices) and the caretaker (client). QIT online believes in feedback-informed treatment to improve the relationship between the therapist and the client, and to improve the quality of the treatment by continuously monitoring the client's progress. The product has reached product-market-fit and we're getting ready to scale internationally.
An inspiring place to work
Entrepreneurial at heart
We value and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit. We're a tight-knit group that's eager to leave a mark on the world. We're a young and hungry team that doesn't shy away from a challenge.
We don't just build great products, we care about the entire product roadmap, from problem-solution statement all the way into product-market fit. We go the distance.
A growth mindset
We think in the interest of the client, and we act in the interest of the product. We strive for efficiency and take pride in delivery. Working software that delights users is our only measurement of success.
Product oriented
We're ahead of the curve, we find the critical path to maximum value delivery. We're building a portfolio of mature products and ventures that will be industry-defining for years to come.
Hungry for scale
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Panenco is a fast growing digital product studio with headquarters in Leuven, Belgium and a dedicated nearshore team in Kyiv, Ukraine. We shape, build and grow products, from initial ideation stage towards scalable solutions. We were founded in 2014 and we've organically grown into a tight team of 25 people, on a mission...
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