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Panenco was founded in September of 2014 by Egwin Avau and Maarten Baeten. Following their studies at the faculty of Economics and Business at KU Leuven with a degree in Information Systems Engineering, they started out in the university's student incubator center - KU Leuven KICK - to lay the foundations for their mixed service and product strategy. Teams started to shape up in Kiev, Ukraine as well as Leuven, Belgium.

The offices quickly moved towards the Innovation and Incubation Center from KU Leuven on the Heverlee campus, followed by a move towards the Van der Elst building in Leuven in October of 2020. Over the years the activities kept broadening up from custom software engineering into a full-service product offering. Panenco has been following an organic growth trajectory, and aspires to continue to do so. The company's success will be the sum of the product successes.

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IntellectEU is a fast-growing FinTech service and product company with roots in Belgium and offices in multiple cities around the world. We work closely with IntellectEU on multiple product trajectories and we share offices in Kiev, Ukraine.
Sentigrate historically has a strong data engineering and science focus, particularly in the area of IoT and sensor data. Through the combined knowledge base and expertise, we will be able to deliver an even more holistic product-focused offering to clients, especially relevant in the high-tech cluster surrounding Leuven.